LONG COVID Awareness: LAU Medical Centers Rizk Hospital and Saint John’s Hospital Mark a 2 Year Milestone

LAU Medical Centers Rizk Hospital and Saint John’s Hospital hosted a press conference on LONG COVID on the 19th of March, at the LAUMC- Rizk Hospital Auditorium.

LONG COVID refers to a range of persistent symptoms experienced by individuals after recovering from COVID-19. These symptoms may include fatigue, shortness of breath, cognitive impairment, and more, lasting for weeks or months after the initial infection.

Raising awareness about LONG COVID is crucial, as patients may not always be aware that they have it and are at risk of being misdiagnosed. Symptoms can be diverse and may not immediately appear to be related to a previous COVID-19 infection, leading to challenges in diagnosis and management.

The event aimed to shed light on the symptoms, occurrence, and management of LONG COVID.

Esteemed doctors and infectious disease specialists from the LAU Medical Centers-Rizk Hospital and Saint John’s Hospital, including, Professor Roula Husni – Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine and Head of Infection Control Infectious Diseases, Professor Jacques Mokhbat – Program Director Infectious Diseases Fellowship, Professor Rima Moghnieh – Head of Divison Infectious Diseases-Internal medicine, and Dr. Jamil Barhoun – Clinic Instructor Infectious Diseases-Internal medicine, led insightful discussions during the press conference, sharing their medical perspectives, international data, and insights into various aspects of LONG COVID.

“We are delighted to have hosted such a successful press conference on LONG COVID”, said Professor Roula Husni adding: “Our esteemed doctors and specialists provided invaluable insights and expertise, contributing to greater awareness and understanding of this complex condition. Through events like these, we reaffirm our commitment to delivering comprehensive care and addressing the evolving healthcare needs of our community.”

In addition to the press conference, the LAU Medical Centers Rizk Hospital and Saint John’s Hospital organized an open day event, where hospital staff, healthcare professionals, patients, and the general public had the opportunity to engage in Q&A sessions and learn how to identify symptoms, understand risk factors, and explore effective management strategies for LONG COVID. Furthermore, free consultations were provided for people exhibiting certain symptoms, allowing them to receive expert guidance and support.

As the medical community continues to navigate the challenges posed by LONG COVID, LAU Medical Centers Rizk Hospital and Saint John’s Hospital remain dedicated to advancing research, providing specialized care, and supporting individuals affected by this condition.


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