The Jewelry Maison, through the Valérie Messika Foundation, is furthering its international commitments to helping young people around the world. For 2024, Messika is expanding the MESSIKA CARE(s) collection with 12 new pieces, donating a percentage of profits to NGOs. The campaign to showcase these new pieces features dancer Salif Gueye and young model Rose Chalmè.


The Valérie Messika Foundation aims to support organisations in favour of women and children in the fields of education, culture and health. In doing so, throughout 2022 and 2023, more than 4,000 hygiene kits were distributed to the most deprived young women internationally. In 2024, Valérie Messika wanted to focus efforts on India.

 Valérie Messika has chosen to highlight the Saksham programme of the NGO Plan International. This project, registered in the Delhi

region, aims to establish training and fair access to employment for young people in India. For each piece of jewelry sold from the MESSIKA CARE(s) a percentage of the sale is donated via the Valérie Messika Foundation to the NGO, a butterfly effect that helps those who need it most.

MESSIKA CARE(s) is available in four new colour combinations: beige and yellow gold, khaki and white gold, cream and rose gold, and black and white gold.

These new pieces are now available on the Messika website and in boutiques

“By launching the Valérie Messika Foundation, I wanted to engage further and take action. Education is a key factor of upbringing, and in building community. A new world in which young people can imagine their future more serenely and without limits.”

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