Ora, Nursery of The Future, adopts an innovative Design Thinking approach with a Focus on Leadership Skills

Ora, Nursery of The Future, continues to lead the way in early childhood education by adopting an innovative Design Thinking approach that equips young learners with essential skills for an ever-changing world and places a strong emphasis on nurturing leadership skills.

Design Thinking, a problem-solving methodology emphasizing creativity, empathy, and innovation, remains at the core of Ora Nursery’s unique educational philosophy. Despite its perceived complexity, this approach proves beneficial even for three-year-olds, fostering a forward-thinking stance on early childhood education.

Tanja Nikolic, General Manager of Ora, Nursery of the Future, underscores the importance of instilling leadership skills from an early age. “In addition to problem-solving, we believe that fostering leadership skills in early childhood is crucial for overall development. It lays the foundation for wellbeing, promotes healthy relationships, and prepares children for a future where effective leadership is an essential quality,” she stated.

Design Thinking: A Gateway to Early Problem Solving and Leadership Development

Design Thinking sparks creative thinking in young minds and serves as a pathway to leadership development. The approach enables children to think critically, make decisions, and lead by example. This dual focus on problem-solving and leadership skills ensures a holistic approach to early childhood development.

The core principle of breaking problems into smaller, manageable parts helps children not only develop analytical skills but also fosters a sense of responsibility and initiative – key aspects of effective leadership.

Building Empathy, Promoting Teamwork, and Encouraging Leadership Qualities

Ora Nursery’s implementation of Design Thinking goes beyond problem-solving; it involves understanding the needs and perspectives of others. By introducing children to this concept, they not only learn to empathize with others, developing essential social skills, but also understand that leadership involves considering the wellbeing of the entire team.

Collaboration remains central to the Design Thinking process, fostering teamwork as children work in groups to solve complex problems. This approach helps them appreciate each team member’s contributions, promoting a sense of unity and shared leadership achievement.

Hands-On Learning at Ora Nursery: Fostering Leadership Through Experience

Design Thinking at Ora also encourages experimentation with new ideas, embracing the notion of trial and error. This mindset fosters a willingness to take risks and learn from failures – a crucial aspect of developing resilient leaders.

Ora Nursery places a strong emphasis on hands-on learning, with teachers incorporating a diverse range of materials and activities into the curriculum to cultivate leadership qualities. From playdough to recycling materials, loose parts, and even 3D printing, children are encouraged to explore and experiment with these materials, solidifying their understanding of Design Thinking concepts and leadership skills through practical experience.

Ora, Nursery of The Future: Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

Ora, Nursery of The Future, represents a visionary approach to early childhood education, empowering children to become creative, empathetic, and innovative problem solvers and leaders from an early age. The integration of Design Thinking principles, coupled with a focus on leadership skills, ensures that young learners are well-prepared to navigate a world that demands adaptability, creative thinking, and effective leadership.


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