Ora Showcases Innovative Early Childhood Education Approaches to Educators from Russian Business School ‘Stolitsa’

Ora, Nursery of the Future, welcomed a delegation of educators from Moscow-based Russian Business School ‘Stolitsa’.

This educational exchange allowed Ora to serve as a captivating case study, providing insights into its pioneering approach to early years education with a specific focus on its innovative educational methodologies.

Since 2015, Business School ‘Stolitsa’ has been a global leader in teacher training, actively seeking out the best educational practices from around the world. Their comprehensive exploration encompasses a wide spectrum of educational approaches, child-friendly facility development, the cultivation of critical thinking, and the nurturing of creativity.

At the helm of ‘Stolitsa’ is Dr Larisa Kruglova, a distinguished educator and author renowned for her contributions to modern preschool education approaches.

Vera Antunes, Centre Manager, ORA, Nursery of the Future said, “Following Stops in Singapore, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Finland, Estonia, and Sweden, we’re pleased to have captured the interest of esteemed educators coming all along from Russia to the UAE. This interaction emphasizes our commitment to fostering a unique learning environment for young children. Our dedication extends to remaining at the forefront of early childhood education, as we actively embrace global insights, ensuring that we provide the best for our young learners. This collaboration signifies the importance of bridging international best practices with the future of early childhood education, and we’re honoured to be part of this exchange.”

This spotlight on Ora, Nursery of the Future, underscores its leadership in innovative early childhood education as well as featuring its distinct approaches that prioritize inclusivity, creativity, and critical thinking.

Ora actively integrates global best practices, with a particular emphasis on modern preschool education approaches. This commitment is not just a reflection of Ora’s dedication to excellence but a testament to the global importance of early childhood education and its evolving nature in the modern world.

Ora’s move to host this delegation of educators, further solidifies its commitment to redefining early childhood education through innovative approaches. This collaboration underlines its role as a beacon of excellence in the field and a hub for sharing best practices in early childhood education on an international scale.

‘Stolitsa’ specializes in curating comprehensive training programs that enable participants to glean insights from some of the world’s leading education systems, including Singapore, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, and beyond. Their unwavering focus lies in exploring innovative pedagogical approaches, designing child-friendly learning environments, and fostering the growth of critical thinking and creativity among students.


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