Remember the Future Initiative Presents: The Female Republic of Lebanon

The screening event of “The Female Republic of Lebanon” took place with crew members and members of the Lebanese community in attendance. This mini-series, brought forth by the Remember the Future initiative, boldly envisions a society where traditional gender norms are reversed. Crafted through 8 digital workshops and an intensive week in Lebanon, it offers a glimpse into Lebanon’s future under female leadership post a feminist revolution. Each episode, averaging 4 minutes, is supported by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, highlighting the transformative power of storytelling in inspiring social change.

Christian Stahl, Director of the mocumentaries and elda- European leadership and debate academy emphasized that “The Female Republic of Lebanon” is not merely a mockumentary but a cinematic experiment, urging us to contemplate a potential future shaped by the turning of one page of reality.

 Additionally, the screening featured “Berlin Blast,” a film by Elda, depicting the story of a German refugee boy in Beirut amidst post-Berlin Blast.

Since 2014, elda – european leadership and debate academy addresses social issues by engaging young leaders from South-Eastern Europe and the Middle East in an innovative learning experience, offering skills and instilling attitudes that empower a new generation of responsible and active citizens.

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