Saudi German Health Establishes Sigma Chapter as the First Multisite Healthcare system outside the USA

Saudi German Health (SGH) a leading healthcare group in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region , has received approval to establish a SIGMA Chapter as the first multisite healthcare system outside USA. The Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma) has more than 100,000 active members and 600 chapters. Sigma’s Board of Directors, responsible for approving Sigma’s chapters, unanimously approved the SHG Sigma with positive findings. The establishment of  this chapter represents a significant milestone in the Group’s journey to empower the nursing workforce and promote nursing excellence.

In line with the national transformation strategy to improve the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia, SGH is committed to supporting the nursing profession and elevating the status of the nursing practice. The Sigma chapter would provide exceptional opportunities for nurses’ professional development, training, and education. It would also develop the capacities of the clinical nurses and nursing students by providing a wide variety of professional development activities, including courses, workshops, and conferences.

The Sigma chapter would further support the nursing transformational leadership strategies that the Group embraces in its business. The company believes in the nurses’ significant role in shared governance and decision-making. The chapter would help nurture and empower nursing leaders by providing access to leadership development programs, mentorship and networking opportunities with larger nursing communities worldwide.

Sigma has a long-standing reputation for its commitment to promoting nursing research and evidence-based practice. By encouraging research initiatives among nurses and nursing students, the newly established Sigma chapter will emphasise the importance of knowledge translation that would directly contribute to enhancing patient care, improving clinical outcomes, and driving healthcare innovation in the region. Conducting research and innovation projects would have a positive transformative impact on nursing practice and overall organisation performance.

Dr. Ahmed Shebl, Group Chief Executive Officer at SGH said; “We are confident that a local Sigma chapter in Saudi Arabia will have a lasting impact on the nursing community and healthcare delivery. Establishing a Sigma Chapter would distinguish SGH as a pioneer in the Saudi private healthcare sector in advancing and supporting the nursing practice in the country.”

Beyond its educational and professional growth endeavours, the SGH Sigma chapter will actively participate in community service initiatives, underscoring the Group’s dedication to supporting the community it serves. This participation involves volunteering at local health fairs, offering educational resources to marginalised populations, and extending support to healthcare-focused charitable organisations.

Ms. Iman Elkouwatly, Group Chief Nursing Officer at SGH, stated: “We strongly support the establishment of the Sigma Chapter, and firmly believe that it holds a very high potential to improve nursing practice and the healthcare system. We are committed to participating in future activities of the Sigma Chapter and will allocate resources, provide leadership support, and overcome challenges to maximise the benefits of this important milestone.”

The local Sigma Chapter at SGH will commence its activities with a chartering ceremony for its founding members, leading to a series of educational and professional development activities. These activities will establish a platform for nurses to share ideas, promote best practices, and participate in cooperative research projects with the goal of enhancing patient care and mirroring the group ethos of caring like family.

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