Saudi German Hospital Dammam performs life-saving procedure after aortic rupture amid severe complications

Saudi German Hospital Dammam achieved a significant medical success by successfully treating a patient who suffered from an aortic rupture following a cardiac stent perforation.

The critical incident led to the patient experiencing hypotension and impaired vital signs.

Given the complexity of the case, particularly due to the patient’s medical history of recurrent brain thrombosis and impaired kidney function, a transfer to the Saudi German Hospital Dammam was imperative.

Driven by the “Caring Like Family” motto, Saudi German Hospital Dammam is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team of highly qualified medical professionals available around the clock, ensuring effective management of even the most complex medical conditions.

Upon admission to the hospital, medical experts swiftly directed the patient to the catheterization room, where the precise location of the stent perforation was identified. Subsequently, a new stent was successfully implanted to halt the bleeding, facilitating the restoration of normal blood flow within the patient’s body.

Following the procedure, a comprehensive follow-up examination was conducted one week later, confirming the patient’s stable condition.

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