Spinneys raises awareness about autism with the Lebanese Autism Society through the senses and flowers

As part of the activities of the 10th edition of the annual Flower Festival held annually to support local farmers and encourage sustainable farming, and in co-occurrence with the month dedicated to raising awareness about autism, Spinneys organized an event titled “Cultivate your senses” in collaboration with the Lebanese Autism Society. The event brought together individuals from the organization along with members of the media and social media influencers. The event took place on Monday, April 8, at the Spinneys branch of Hazmieh.

Participants, alongside the media, enjoyed activities revolving around the senses through flowers, reflecting the close link between them and the positive role that the green environment plays in building a psychologically healthy community, as well as in supporting those affected by autism. Spinneys chose the senses for this purpose this year to highlight their importance in shaping renewal and growth in human life, especially for individuals with autism, as they face sensory challenges that require precise techniques. These techniques are based on specific activities that teach them how to deal with life circumstances by stimulating their five senses, helping them adapt better to their surroundings and increasing brain activity and concentration.

Speaking on the occasion, Ralph Al Kahi, Chief Marketing Officer at Spinneys, stated: “We are delighted that our activity this year combines awareness and social responsibility. Through the annual Flower Festival, we aim to promote sustainable farming and assist our local partners in spreading an agricultural and environmental culture. It is noteworthy this year that we took the initiative to raise awareness about autism by collaborating with the Lebanese Autism Society.”

Zina Al Bostani, Director of the Lebanese Autism Society, also spoke, stating: “We thank Spinneys for this collaboration, which primarily aims to raise awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder in our society and to reduce the challenges faced by those affected by it. By linking it to the Flower Festival and stimulating the senses to develop the abilities of individuals with autism and facilitate their integration into society. Early diagnosis has significant benefits for individuals with autism, and it is important to not ignore these symptoms in order to prevent complications that can negatively affect their behavior and interaction.”

It is worth mentioning that Spinneys has organized a series of activities and interactive workshops inspired by spring, flowers, and the senses throughout the Flower Festival period, in which several social media influencers participated.

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