The Tod’s Group, leading brand in luxury and advocate of Made in Italy, is pleased to announce the support it has given to the restoration of Palazzo Marino, a 16th-century building conceived by the architect Galeazzo Alessi, seat of Milan’s Municipality since 1861.

Palazzo Marino is one of the most relevant and historic buildings in Milan and one of the highest expressions of Milanese architecture, it is a true symbol of the city. Facing the Teatro alla Scala, it has become an important point of reference for both Milan citizens and for the thousands of tourists who flock to the square in front of it every day.

With this project, the Tod’s Group continues to support and promote Italian art and culture, an irreplaceable resource recognised worldwide. The mission of this project is to demonstrate the importance and support for civil participation, that bases its beliefs on the need for the public and private sectors to work together to support projects that serve to improve the quality of life for citizens. Companies must be increasingly involved in supporting useful and supportive projects.

Diego Della Valle, President and CEO of the Tod’s Group said, “We are very pleased to do something important and concrete for Milan. The restoration of Palazzo Marino, which all citizens consider their home, allows us to give Milan and the Milanese people a sign of respect and gratitude.”

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