Travel Essentials with niluu, the Luxury Vegan Silk-Wear Brand

Packing smart for your travels just got more exciting with niLuu, the luxury vegan silk-wear brand based in the US. Inspired by beauty, compassion towards animals, and a mission to create a sustainable wardrobe, niLuu offers a collection of loungewear and ready-to-wear pieces, making your holiday hassle-free and conscious.

Explore the allure of our magnolia (white)  or Cleo (Payton) printed matching sets, or embrace the chic “Harper” printed teddy shorts paired with the crop top, as niLuu presents the perfect resort wear wardrobe that blends luxury with sustainability. Each design showcases meticulous craftsmanship and timeless allure.

Drawing from founder Nilufer Bracco‘s Turkish roots, niLuu’s meaningful designs pay homage to Turkey’s rich aesthetic culture. Embrace the sophistication of traditional silk with a purpose-driven twist, as niLuu brings you cruelty-free vegan silk-wear to accompany you through your most treasured moments and unforgettable holidays.


The collection is available exclusively at Galeries Lafayette Dubai.

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