UAE participates in 64th WIPO assemblies’ meetings in Geneva highlighting its efforts in promoting intellectual property rights

H.E. Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Maeeni lauds the organization’s efforts in facilitating knowledge exchange

The UAE participated in the 64th series of meetings of the assemblies of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) member states that took place in Geneva, Switzerland, from July 6-14.

H.E. Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Maeeni, Secretary General of the Association Emirates Intellectual Property, said: “Thanks to the directives and vision of its wise leadership, the UAE has succeeded in developing a highly encouraging intellectual property (IP) ecosystem, characterized by innovation and patent activities, in accordance with international best practices. It offers all enablers and support facilities for the growth of knowledge-based enterprises, innovation and research and development.”

H.E. Al Maeeni added: “The UAE’s pioneering legislative system ensures comprehensive protection for the IP rights of creators, innovators and entrepreneurs in the country. Apart from the issuance of new laws, a series of economic policies and legislation including industrial property rights, trademarks and copyright and neighboring rights were updated. Today, our IP ecosystem plays a key role in the UAE’s transition to a new economic model based on flexibility and sustainability.”

He said: “In addition to the development of robust legislation, the UAE has strengthened regional and international partnerships to protect IP rights and nurture creative and cultural sectors, keeping pace with the latest global developments in this regard. To this end, over the past few years, the country acceded to three international conventions and treaties including the Budapest Treaty, the Strasbourg Agreement and the Madrid International Trademark System.”

“The accelerated national efforts to strengthen the IP legislation and accession to distinct international treaties have enabled the UAE to achieve notable progress in intellectual property and talent attraction. For example, the country was ranked first globally in the ‘Ability to Attract Talent’ index of the Global Prosperity Report 2023. The UAE also leads in innovation and IP performance indicators at Arab and regional levels, ranking high on several indices such as the Global Innovation Index. These developments have spurred new inventions, innovations, scientific research and technology, thus enhancing the country’s attractiveness to foreign investment and talent, and the competitiveness of the UAE economy,” he noted.

H.E. Al Maeeni thanked the WIPO General Secretariat for its efforts in organizing the 64th series of meetings, which is a key platform to learn about regional and global experiences in IP rights protection. He lauded its fruitful and sustained efforts in facilitating the exchange of information, experience and knowledge among member states to enhance the protection of intellectual property rights. H.E. emphasized that the UAE values the Organization’s efforts in leading the dialogue addressing IP in technology, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Also highlighted were the Organization’s financial results, which underscore the robustness of its global services.

Furthermore, H.E. reviewed a number of national strategies and initiatives that support the growth of the IP environment and innovation in the country, most notably the ‘We the UAE 2031’ vision, which recognizes IP and innovation as the key drivers of national economic growth. This vision has set the national goal to become one of the top 10 countries in attracting and retaining global talent by the next decade. Other notable strategies include the National Strategy for Cultural and Creative Industries aimed at promoting the growth of the cultural and creative industries in the country and increasing its contribution to GDP to 5 per cent by 2031; and the National Strategy for Advanced Innovation aimed at enhancing the country’s position among global innovation pioneers.

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