UN-Habitat and the Embassy of Poland sign a project to provide renewable energy solutions for Civil Defense and Beirut Municipality premises

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Lebanon and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) signed an agreement to implement renewable energy solutions to support and reinforce the operations of public facilities in Greater Beirut.

The project will target two Civil Defense centres located in Beirut and Furn El Chebbak and the Municipality of Beirut. The project was inaugurated at the Municipality of Beirut by the Polish Ambassador to Lebanon, Mr. Przemys?aw Niesio?owski, the Governor of Beirut, Mr. Marwan Abboud, and Head of UN-Habitat Lebanon Country Programme, Ms. Taina Christiansen.

Contributing to the Lebanon Response Plan, the project entitled “Improving the ability of public facilities and institutions to better respond to emerging needs and emergencies in Greater Beirut, through strengthened operational capacity” will supply and install photovoltaic systems to generate constant and reliable energy supply to the selected institutions, ensuring the continuity of their essential operations and services to the community.

The design of the systems will be based upon detailed technical assessments of each establishment, accompanied by an energy audit, followed by implementation.

“The Lebanese Civil Defense serves thousands of people. Each and every day brave volunteers risk their lives helping the needy and vulnerable.” said Mr. Przemys?aw Niesio?owski, Polish Ambassador in Beirut. “By improving the two centres of the Lebanese Civil Defense in and around Beirut, we plan to strengthen their capabilities even more. Poland recognizes the needs of the Lebanese Civil Defense as well as the needs of the Municipality of Beirut. Therefore, we find it exceptionally important to persevere with our long-standing support. Polish Aid supported Lebanese institutions in the past and will remain a steady partner in the future.”

“By investing in sustainable energy solutions for public institutions such as Civil Defense centers and municipal facilities, we are ensuring the resilience and continuity of essential services during times of crisis,” said Mr. Marwan Abboud, Governor of the City of Beirut. “This initiative not only contributes to the Lebanon response plan, but also emphasizes the importance of proactive

measures in addressing emerging needs and emergencies in Greater Beirut, and preserving our communities.”

“The UN-Habitat initiative, funded by the Polish government to equip two Civil Defense centres with solar energy systems, represents an important effort to strengthen Civil Defense capabilities,” said General Raymond Khattar, Director General of Civil Defense. “This program is extremely important due to its positive impact on the ability of personnel to deal with emergency situations, especially since they are always on the front lines in cases of war or natural disasters, which contributes to maintaining public safety.”

“We are proud and grateful for our long-standing partnership with Poland in Lebanon, including this critical initiative,” said Taina Christiansen. “This project underscores our shared commitment to supporting the people of Lebanon during these challenging times. By strengthening public institutions and improving access to essential services, we aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of communities living in Greater Beirut.”


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