Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Hale, who is known for her roles in “Pretty Little Liars,” “The Hating Game,” “Puppy Love,” and “Which Brings Me To You,” describes the collection called Joyroad as “joyful, authentic, and Western.” Hale drew inspiration from an imaginative road trip to her ancestral roots, which led her to explore her love for nature and her quest for individuality, self-acceptance, and freedom of spirit. Guided by one’s inner compass, the final destination can be anything: an objective, place, or achievement.

The overall easy-going spirit perfectly aligns with the laid-back codes of Weekend Max Mara.

“Weekend Max Mara embodies the values of authenticity and free-spiritedness, two principles I strive to live by. These values served as a solid foundation for the creation of this collection. From the start, we shared a vision of embracing American Western aesthetics and delivering wearable pieces that encourage self-expression,” says Hale.

The mood is a seamless balance of Western soul, urban flair, and outdoor resilience. Fringes capture the cowboy beat, adorning a soft leather jacket, suede trousers, and the iconic Pasticcino Bag enriched with a braided decoration and tarnished metal boule clasps. A sea of denim blue sweeps over an abundance of loose-fit jeans and miniskirts adorned with studded embroidery in faded washes or chiaroscuro effects.

The outerwear is laid-back, comprising a gaucho-style bomber, field jackets, utility parkas, a Montgomery coat and a sturdy wool jacket with knitted sleeves. Knits are patterned or adorned with colorful floral applications. The wintry palette focuses on muddy or tawny earth tones, olive green, and light blue.
The new slouchy denim studded Pasticcino Plié bag, vintage-style cowboy boots and a baseball cap play to the beat of the collection. In a similar vein, the selection of eye-catching bijoux, including necklaces, a ring, and a rigid bracelet, is crafted from tarnished metal and accented with a flower element.

Embrace the attitude and take a walk on the wild side.

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