Yango Play Unveils Exclusive Ramadan Content Lineup

Yango Play, the first AI-powered super app that combines video streaming, music, mini-games, is set to brighten screens across the MENA region with exclusive Arabic content this Ramadan. Yango Play offers a diverse range of content: from heartwarming family sagas and comedies to the biggest Arabic historical series from the different parts of MENA region.

Yango Play’s lineup showcases the rich diversity and talent of the Arab world, bringing regional stories and creativity to the global entertainment scene. The lineup proudly presents the first Yango Play Original Saudi Production — Sakf El Waled. Here’s a sneak peek into a diverse range of Arabic content from the MENA region that Yango Play has to offer this Ramadan.

Ramadan Exclusive Series at your fingertips

? The Assassins Featuring a stellar cast including Karim Abdel Aziz, Fathy Abdelwahab, and Nicolas Mouawad, is one of the most eagerly anticipated and high-budgeted Egyptian series ever produced. This epic drama delves into the enigmatic world of the 11th-century military order, The Assassins, notorious for its stealth and influence that spanned over three centuries, leaving a remarkable mark on global history and culture – from notorious Marco Polo’s 13th century book to the biggest gaming franchise Assassin’s Creed. The Assassins promises a rich narrative tapestry that explores the complex dynamics of power and loyalty, and showcases the beauty of landscapes of 4 different countries where shooting took place.

? Sakf El Waled Abdullah Al-Arak, the acclaimed director of the biggest Saudi box-office hit Sattar enters Ramadan show rush with hyperlocal comedy starring Khaled Abed El Aziz, Abdel Aziz El Mobadel, Khairieh Abu Laban, Tarek Al Harbi and Ziad Al Amiri. Each of the episodes will leave you in stitches as an extended family navigates the challenges of living with a demanding father, who expects his rules to be followed. He imposes a single condition on his children: anyone seeking marriage must reside under his roof, leading to a myriad of dramatic and comedic tales.

? Nazret Hob Full of true love, though gripping thriller starring Syrian actor Bassel Khaiat and Lebanese actress Carmen Bsaibes, scripted by Rafi Wahbi, and directed by Husam Ali, proves that sometimes twin flame blossoms under unlikely circumstances. After Bahr heroically saves Kamar from a car accident, their connection deepens, hinting at a profound bond. However, external pressures threaten to sever their ties, from Kamar’s father, a politician involved in the upcoming election, and her fiancé’s negative allegations against Bahr. This drama intricately weaves romance with political intrigue, promising viewers a rich, emotional journey.

? Beit El Rifaey Starring Amir Karara, Ahmed Rezk, and Sayed Ragab, the series provides a mix of

action and drama within a rich, social context. Written by Peter Mimi and directed by Ahmed Nader Galal, the series explores the life of Mahmoud El Refaie, a wealthy and popular figure in the Nazlet Al-Simman area, who harbours a secret life involved in the illegal trade of antiquities. His son Yassin rejects the business and has to save his reputable family from a dark secret and conflicts. This narrative delves into themes of duplicity and morality, combining serious themes with suspenseful action, set against the backdrop of Egypt’s rich cultural heritage.

? Revive Your Heart This is the perfect title to watch with your kids during Ramadan and especially at Iftar time. These animation tales inspire and uplift the whole family. Produced by the creators of “The Stories from Quran,” based on the bestseller of Dr. Wassim Habbal, this series explores the teachings of Muhammadiyah’s ethics, promoting compassion, honesty, generosity, and love. Salah Abdallah, Mohammed Mamdouh, Jannah Osama, Heidi Abdul-khaliq, Syed Rumi among others gave their voices to the characters of this Ramadan show.

To complement your spiritual journey Yango Play provides a selection of Holy Quran recitations and Faith Journey playlists.

Yango Play users can also find a selection of handpicked playlists featuring soundtracks from popular Ramadan series in addition to our vast music library featuring top tracks from leading music talents in the MENA region.

Stay tuned for these exclusive premieres by Yango Play and enjoy seamless access across multiple devices including Smartphones, TVs and Apple Vision Pro, emerging as your ultimate personalised entertainment companion for your family.

Explore this streaming haven during Ramadan by downloading Yango Play now from Google PlayStore or iOS App Store and enjoy an exclusive 60-day free trial, during the Holy Month followed by a paid plan for AED 29.99 per month in the UAE and SAR 29.99 per month in KSA.

Visit Yango Play to start your journey!

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