Yango unveils AI-driven warehouse robotics at Seamless ME

  • Fulfilment costs represent a significant portion of companies’ operating expenses, with rising trends observed across industries. Yango’s robotics solutions provide a timely remedy to these escalating expenses by offering precision and efficiency in warehouse operations.
  • Attendees at Seamless Middle East will experience a live demonstration of Yango’s robotics pick-and-place solution, leveraging advanced computer vision to enable any off-the-shelf stationary robot to operate with human-like capabilities. The solution is designed to seamlessly integrate into current warehouse configurations and achieve high precision and efficiency.
  • Yango’s pick-and-place solution offers a rapid return on investment (ROI) with a payback period of just two to three years. This is crucial for businesses scaling to meet the demands of a growing market, supported by significant regional investments in logistics infrastructure. This rapid ROI is vital as businesses scale to meet the demands of a growing market, underscored by significant regional investments like Saudi Arabia’s $113 billion commitment to logistics and the UAE’s reinforcement of its position as a global trade hub through initiatives like the Dubai Silk Road Strategy.
  • Yango will also introduce its mobile warehouse robotics solutions for stock-taking, goods, and pallets moving. These solutions streamline inventory management and order fulfilment processes, catering to the fast-paced market environments of today.
  • Alexei Filippov, Head of Global Business Development at Yango Robotics, commented on the launch stating, “As fulfilment costs continue to rise, our warehouse robotics solutions come at a crucial time to help businesses not just survive but thrive. Our new robotics pick-and-place platform, mobile warehouse robotics solutions and other technologies show Yango’s commitment to innovation and efficiency, driving significant cost reductions and operational enhancements for our clients across the region. We’re excited to debut these AI-powered solutions at Seamless Middle East and showcase its value across industries.”

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