Al Ketbi opens newly expanded International Modern Hospital

The hospital now offers increased capacity with technologically advanced infrastructure to meet the growing demand for care in the UAE.

International Modern Hospital, one of the oldest hospitals in Dubai, has stepped up its medical care capacity, marking a significant expansion in healthcare services. The tertiary care multi-speciality hospital has upgraded its medical resources and infrastructure to address the challenges associated with technologically advanced medical facilities.

This expansion includes an increase in in-patient beds and a substantial improvement in operation theatres. The expansion positions the hospital to meet the increasing demand for emergency and elective medical care in the UAE, allowing it to treat twice the number of patients in the coming years.

HE Awadh Seghayer Al Ketbi, Director General of Dubai Health Authority (DHA), has inaugurated the renovated hospital in the presence of Saleh Al Hashimi, CEO of Dubai Health Insurance Corporation at the DHA, Mr. Aidroos Hassan Omar Alesayi, Chairman and Mr. Paul Gregersen, CEO of International Modern Hospital and other senior officials.

During the inauguration, HE Al Ketbi spoke about the rapid development witnessed by the healthcare sector in Dubai in line with the initiatives implemented by the DHA. “We ensure that the healthcare facilities keep up with the high demand for medical services by expanding their portfolios, specialities and the quality of their services.”

He also expressed DHA’s appreciation towards hospitals, medical clinics and health centres in Dubai for upgrading their operations and utilizing the best equipment and technologies to provide high-quality services consistently.

Commenting on the relaunch, Mr Aidroos Hassan Omar Alesayi, Chairman of IMH, said, “We are proud to relaunch International Modern Hospital, which now offers increased capacity and technologically advanced infrastructure to meet the growing demand for care in the UAE. We renovated it with enhanced resources, infrastructure and facilities for medical emergencies and elective treatments provided with the highest global medical standards.”

“Our comprehensive approach to enhancing our capacity and the quality of our care, along with our state-of-the-art facilities, will guarantee that we are fully prepared to address the evolving needs of a rapidly growing populace seeking specialised health services in Dubai, one of the world’s fastest-growing cities. Our strategy is to continue operations in line with the priority of Dubai Vision 2030 to invest more in healthcare infrastructure. This will help us contribute to Dubai’s ambitious plan to grow as a major healthcare hub in the region and to enhance the city’s competitiveness as a medical tourism destination,” he added.

Mr. Paul Gregersen, CEO of IMH, said: “The increased capacity will double our patient care capabilities in the coming years, enabling us to provide higher-quality healthcare to a larger population in Dubai, other emirates, and medical tourists.”

The International Modern Hospital marks a renewed promise to the local community with its dedication to delivering healthcare of the highest quality standards. The healthcare provider looks forward to continuing its legacy of exceptional care.

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