AUS Sharakah Program partners with Islamic Educational College Schools in Jordan, broadening its regional outreach

American University of Sharjah’s (AUS) Sharakah Program continues to expand its outreach regionally by welcoming the Islamic Educational College Schools—a prominent network of 12 international schools in Jordan—to the Sharakah Program family. AUS and the Islamic Educational College Schools recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) at a ceremony organized by the AUS Office of Enrollment Management on campus.

The Sharakah agreement aims to partner with select schools in the UAE and the region.  According to the MoA, AUS will offer partial scholarships to students nominated by the schools; offer patronage to selected research, cultural, social and sports events organized by the school and organize workshops for the school’s faculty and staff. The agreement also aims to recruit students to AUS from varied socio-cultural and economic backgrounds.

 The signing ceremony was attended by Dr. Mohamed El Tarhuni, Interim Provost and Chief Academic Officer at AUS; Ali Shuhaimy, Executive Director of Enrollment Management at AUS; Luma Salhab, Director of International Programs at Islamic Educational College Schools; Dr. Mohammad Shatnawi, Academic and College Counselor, and other officials from both academic institutions.

 “Our decision to take the Sharakah Program beyond national boundaries underscores AUS’ vision of cultivating a globally connected educational ecosystem. Partnering with the Islamic Educational College Schools in Jordan is a stride towards realizing this vision, enabling us to tap into diverse talent pools and foster cross-cultural academic enrichment. This is the fourth regional partnership we hold in the Sharakah Program,” said Shuhaimy.

 Salhab said: “The signing of the partnership between American University of Sharjah and the Islamic Educational College Schools in Jordan has many benefits for our students. It is a very important step to expand educational opportunities for our students. This partnership may provide multiple opportunities for cultural and educational exchange between the two institutions and will also expand areas of study and research.”

 A number of select schools from across the UAE and beyond currently participate in the Sharakah Program at AUS, with their students and staff benefiting from a variety of opportunities. For more information about the program, please visit


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