Blue-Sky Thinking Takes Flight: The Venture Studio Launches a New Era of Innovation and Impact

Today marks the official launch of Blue-Sky Thinking, a venture studio founded by seasoned entrepreneur Neal Patel.

Following his last exit, selling a digital marketing agency, then subsequent successful completion of an earn out period, Neal has stepped straight into his next venture.

An alumnus of Brunel University, London, Neal brings decades of experience working across diverse industries particularly within the marketing space. With Blue-Sky Thinking, he is expanding into MarTech, EdTech, and AI. His management style empowers talented individuals, fostering collaboration, and innovation within the team.
Blue-Sky Thinking is on a mission to enable visionaries and entrepreneurs to build world changing businesses, by providing true agility and expertise to quickly validate ideas and propel them to MVP (Minimum Viable Product) using its extensive resources.
Blue-Sky Thinking adopts a unique venture studio model, which is still an up and coming set up in the venture space, with less than a thousand studios existing globally. The interconnected nature of all studio start-ups allows for resource, expertise, and experience sharing, ultimately leading to accelerated market entry, with the goal of turning ideas into reality within 3 months. The studio will not only cater to its own in-house start-ups, but will also work with corporations and government entities to help them develop in-house ventures, technologies, or products.
In its inaugural year, Blue-Sky Thinking aims to launch four in-house start-ups:

  • todai: A generative AI tool for professionals;
  • Unify: An EdTech platform that will look to change the world of learning and earning;
  • Arcane: A MarTech tool to change marketing services for good;
  • The Routine: Skincare brand blending AI with beauty

The venture studio plans to maintain a lean team, keeping the core group under 30 with several senior level advisors also inputting their knowledge, while targeting a significant market value through its ownership in the ventures, with cash generating business models the focus of all start-up businesses.
The studio will also provide services in management consulting for more mature businesses that are looking to plot a path to exit, supplying resources and expertise to take businesses to their desired destination. The consulting umbrella will also allow companies and governments to tap into venture building practices to develop proprietary products and technology.
Start-ups are invited to submit their ideas through the website or via email. The studio will review shortlisted proposals monthly, aiming to deploy one idea every quarter initially.
While currently bootstrapped, Blue-Sky Thinking anticipates raising funds in the future to achieve its ambitious scale. Interest from investors has already been taken into consideration, thanks to Neal’s proven track record of high multiple exits and ROI.

Neal Patel expressed his excitement about the launch, emphasising the personal connection to the venture:

“I am super excited to finally be launching Blue-Sky Thinking. This is a very personal venture for me, everything from creating the vision and brand through to selecting the first set of start-ups to launch has been incredibly fulfilling. I am also personally funding this project, so backing myself to really deliver something special. Given the start that I have seen, I am confident in building a lot of value very quickly. We are focusing on cash generating businesses through subscription models and keeping costs low by enabling the team to do more through technology and AI implementation.

I am lucky to have gone through the process of growing and selling a company, so now, to be able to do that across multiple ventures is really exciting and Blue-Sky Thinking feels like a culmination of my life and business experiences.”

For start-up inquiries, please contact:

Sarah Healey

[email protected]

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