J1 Beach Set to Launch with 13 Elevated Licensed Beachfront Dining Concepts in September 2024

Merex Investment will officially unveil J1 Beach, the eagerly awaited urban riviera, which is set to transform Dubai’s beachfront dining scene, in September 2024. With 13 licensed fine dining concepts, J1 Beach will herald a new era of gastronomic experiences nestled in the heart of Jumeirah.

The launch of the iconic destination in Q3 with a curated selection of avant-garde dining establishments guarantees diners a culinary journey unlike any other. The decision mirrors Merex Investment’s dedication to delivering consistently unparalleled elevated experiences to diners amidst the tranquil backdrop of serene sea views.

From contemporary seafood delights to irresistible international cuisines, here’s what discerning diners can anticipate:

  1. African Queen: Indulge in a fusion of French and African flavors at this unique culinary destination.
  2. Almayass by the Sea: Experience the unique blend of Lebanese-Armenian fusion cuisine at Almayass by the Sea straight from Beirut to Dubai.
  3. Bâoli: Delight in contemporary Japanese cuisine with new Asian twists at Bâoli.
  4. Chouchou: Enjoy upscale French cuisine at Chouchou, an exclusive beach house member’s club.
  5. Gigi Rigolatto: Immerse yourself in Italian sanctuary at Gigi Rigolatto, featuring a lush garden and private pool.
  6. Gitano: Savour modern Mexican cuisine and mezcal cocktails at Gitano.
  7. Kaimana: Embark on immersive Asian-Polynesian dining experiences at Kaimana.
  8. La Baia: Discover refined Italian cuisine inspired by the Amalfi Coast at La Baia.
  9. Lúnico: Experience the blend of Spanish-Mediterranean cuisine and culinary excellence at Lúnico.
  10. M?n: Transport yourself to a fantasy-like oriental beach-garden setting and indulge in Asian-inspired dishes at M?n.
  11. Sakhalin: Explore the fusion of local and Far Eastern products with Mediterranean and Asian recipes at Sakhalin.
  12. Sirene by Gaia: Escape to a Greek coastal experience with authentic Mediterranean flavors at Sirene by Gaia.
  13. INÁ: Experience a multi-sensory journey with African-inspired open fire cooking in a pulsating ambiance, showcasing rich culinary heritage and modern essence.

With dedicated valet service ensuring a smooth and convenient arrival, J1 Beach promises to deliver a truly unforgettable experience that combines elegance, culinary excellence, and the natural allure of Dubai’s coastline.

For more information, visit www.j1beach.com or follow @J1BeachDubai on Instagram.

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